Anything you need for the Agrotourism Week


Sarakina canyon

In a short distance from Selakano, the small Sarakina Gorge starts, which ends near the Mirtos. The length of the canyon reaches 1.5km and its width ranges from 3 to 10 meters, with only a few points exceeding that. The walls reach a height of 150m, making this narrow gorge very impressive. In the gorge, Kryopotamos river is flowing all over the year.

The locals call the gorge Sarantapihos. According to legend Sarantapihos, a giant (son of Zeus) stopped to drink water from a river. His long beard slashed the mountain in two parts and created the canyon. The canyon is rich in vegetation, birds and gurgling water. This is a canyon with most of its length being accessible, with water, ponds and some climbing points. It is ideal for a pleasant afternoon or for a walk with your children.

The Boufany Canyon (Eagle-vulture Canyon)

The Boufany Canyon (Eagle-vulture Canyon) is created by the river "Psoriaris" which stems from Selacano.

Selakano Wood

Selakano Woods is one of the most beautiful and most important surviving ecosystems of the island, under the Natura 2000 program, and a major pine forest for the entire Mediterranean Sea. The pine forest constitutes the most productive apiculture spot in Crete, while in the past wood and resin were harvested. Indeed, special attention is required during the flowering period of the pines.


Myrtos Beach

Myrtos a beautiful sea-side village with marvellous beaches with crystal-clear waters that are always calm since Myrtos’ bay is protected by the strong summer winds.

Only 15 kilometres from the settlement of Selakano you may find amazing beaches and taste delicious fish dishes in local sea-side taverns