Welcome to Agrotourism Week of Selakano

Experience unique moments in mountainous Crete. Seven days full of action, hiking, traditional Cretan nutrition and lots of fun at the foot of Dikti mountain at Pezoulia Villas in Selacano.

The total cost per person is 480€ and this great agritourism program includes:

  • 6 nights in small wooden 4 person huts
  • Full 5 meal nutrition based on Cretan cuisine with bio products that are produced in Selakano
  • Hiking guided tours to canyons and mountains at the area
  • Cretan cuisine seminars
  • Seminar on Cretan herbs and their therapeutic properties
  • Entertainment with Cretan traditional music


Selakano Woods, Crete

Selakano Woods is one of the most beautiful and most important surviving ecosystems of the island, under the Natura 2000 program, and a major pine forest for the entire Mediterranean Sea. The pine forest constitutes the most productive apiculture spot in Crete, while in the past wood and resin were harvested. Isurprises . 


Cretan Traditional cuisine

The Cretan Diet is a healthy and tasty diet with centuries-old recipes and modern creative versions, which are always cooked, with the same top quality pure products of the blessed Cretan earth. Some of traditional recipes: koukouvagia, gemista, mousakas

Local cheese, olive oil and Raki(Cretan Brandy) are just three of the treats on offer...


Traditional bread kneading

Bread has held a prominent place in our diet from ancient times through to the modern day, and has often been given a cultural context through traditional feasts and religious customs.

Kneading bread in the traditional way, baking in a wood oven.